ETEC 642 Week 2 Reflection (Facebook vs Google+)

After completing our team assignment number one I learned a lot about all the features of Facebook and Google+.  Our team, Kuuipo and Peter, downloaded both Facebook and Google Hangout apps to test out all the features.  We did most of our collaboration on Google Hangout and was very impressed with the easy of use and the ability to stay in constant communication to get our group work done.  Learning how to collaborate effectively and choosing the appropriate media to do so is an important 21st century skill I want to teach my students.  I would like to help my students learn how to use social media not only for personal use but for educational use as well.  Thank you Kuuipo and Peter for all the Google Hangout time together during our group project.



2 thoughts on “ETEC 642 Week 2 Reflection (Facebook vs Google+)

  1. I feel that I learned about the tool that our group used as well. While I was familiar with YouTube, Vimeo was only something I had heard about but had not known anything about. With all the new technology out there it is difficult to keep up with it all! I know that sometimes when I find a really neat website or tech tool, that would be great in the classroom, it is difficult to get my coworkers to use it. They have told me that it is due to a mixture of an unease with technology and not really wanting to learn a new technology. We have so many great resources out there, but sometimes we don’t even have the time to explore them and see how we could benefit from them. I particularly enjoy learning about new types of tools when doing projects like this.

    • I agree with your comment about co workers being reluctant to use new technology. I think we news to demonstrate to them the benefits technology can offer such as engaging students providing multiple means of learning and collaborating.

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