Final Project Part 1 Summary

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In my recent Google Form survey I asked 18 of my co-workers and friends about their social media usage.  I was not surprise to find that 35% use Facebook 23% use Instagram and 18% use Linkedin.   Facebook and Linkedin were also reported as the preferred social media platform used by marketers in the 2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report by Michael Steizner, and the Teaching, Learning, and Sharing: How Today’s Higher Education Faculty Use Social Media by Mike Moran.  Both reports were compiled by experts in the field of marketing and education.  According to my survey the top three reasons for using social media are to stay in touch with friend (39%), make professional connections (16%), and promote events (16%).  Here are a couple of comments from my respondents “My current employer found me through Linkedin.”, “Facebook is a great way to share photos, plan parties, and keep in touch with long distance friends.” Clearly social media is a widely used tool and learning how to use it effectively will enrich our personal and professional life.


3 thoughts on “Final Project Part 1 Summary

  1. Aloha Marie, I noticed that you used to present your findings. I have yet to use this tool so I enjoyed being able to see how you incorporated your findings and resources into your info graphic product. The YouTube video that you embedded into the was thought provoking for me. The video was talking about using graph search on Facebook to connect with more people with common interests and at one point he encountered someone who had maxed out their number of Facebook friends. In light of our Rheingold reading that talked about the size of stable social units, it made me wonder what the ideal size of a “stable” social network could be, and how does the type of network and what we use it for (friends vs. professional) affect the size of the social network? Mahalo, Anne

  2. I can’t believe that ONLY 35% use FB! (?) I wonder if that was just their preferred site, or did 65% of your respondents not use FB at all– that seems low, doesn’t it? I guess it depends on the population.

    And I agree with Anne, above, the infographic chart is really nice– I’m going to check that out too. Mahalo!

    • Hi Emily,
      Since only 18 people took my survey my data will probably not have any significant statistical reflection on the greater population. Also in that particular question I ask them to select all social media that they use so if they choose Facebook and other social media then it would drive down the Facebook percentage. Thank you for your thoughts on that.

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