“Collective Intelligence: When All of Us Can Be Smarter Than Any of Us”

ImageAfter completing three team projects for ETEC 642, I think back about the effectiveness of our team work.  According to Himmelman’s taxonomy the four levels of public collaboration are networking, coordination, cooperation, and collaboration – collaboration being the most effective in group activities.  Collaboration occurs when the group shares common goals, risks, resources, responsibilities, and rewards.  I would also add respect as another component to collaboration.

Our team worked well when all members embrace these components.  We respect the opinions and ideas of others, we share the same goals, risks, and rewards.  Our team’s goal is to complete the class assignment and the reward is personal learning and/or project grade.  We provided resources to the group to enhance the group’s knowledge and understanding, and by doing this we strengthen our group’s “collective intelligence”.

A break down of team work occurs when a group member(s) does not embrace one or more of these components?  Let me express my feeling about poor team work  through this image.

collaboration broken

Feel free to use this image that I modified

We all need to work together!  I was fortunate to have an overall positive collaborating experience with my teams.


2 thoughts on ““Collective Intelligence: When All of Us Can Be Smarter Than Any of Us”

  1. Your remixed image is so powerful! Good for you. Yes– teamwork is probably the most challenging element of this course. I hope that it has helped you think about how you will structure team learning for success in the classes that you teach! And that you continue to value the notion of collaboration even though it can be really hard. Keep it up! You are almost done! 🙂

  2. Hi Marie,

    Great post…your modified image says it all. When just one person doesn’t do their part, the whole group suffers. Unfortunately as an online student, we cannot see the faces of the others. This image should be reused anytime group projects are being introduced (I’ll save it and show it to my elementary kiddos). I, too, have been fortunate to have had three groups that worked well together for this class. You would think that as adults, and the fact that we’re all master or doctorate students in the education field, everyone would know how (or at least try their hardest) to effectively participate in group work. I’ve heard horror stories from other groups. I wonder how these adults would expect their students to perform…hmmm.

    Aloha, Annette

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