Week 5 – Learning From You

After reading some of my classmates posts I like the casual communication styles that they use and their clever play on words.  These types of posts are fun to read.  I can get a better feel of their personality, and about how they are feeling about certain issues.

Using images in posts is also an effective way to communicate and engage the readers.  Still other classmates organize their blogs with beautiful themes and well-structured navigation menu to help the readers connect with them.  And those thought provoking titles grabbed my interest right away.  I learned some tips on how to write posts from reading yours.  Thank you!

Ohhh I forgot to include an image….


3 thoughts on “Week 5 – Learning From You

  1. Hi Marie,
    I had similar feelings, I like the clever titles and bits our classmates put in their blog posts! I tried to think of a clever title but I usually just ended up putting a boring title like what week we’re in. The image you posted is very appropriate considering last week’s readings about Himmelman’s Taxonomy. Unfortunately, sometimes the learning styles of the people in the group just don’t mesh well! I think that’s just an unavoidable risk when assigning random groups, but in a short online class like this one, the new groups each week really helped us get to know a variety of our classmates. So overall, I think it’s a good trade-off. Regarding your post below, LiveBinders sounds like a really interesting site. I will definitely have to check it out. How did the Google+ Hangouts session go?

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